Controllable Pitch Propulsion

Mekanord gearboxes are suitable for a wide range of marine propulsion systems where controllable pitch propellers are used. The controllable pitch propulsion system (CPP system) can be designed for either mechanical or hydraulic operation of the controllable pitch propeller. Mekanord gearboxes are designed specifically to optimize the operation variable pitch propellers under all load conditions. The pitch propeller is adjusted quickly and smoothly from full ahead to full astern by the use of state-of-the-art technology.

CPP System Marine Gearbox Features

  • Completely integrated hydraulic servo system for pitch control which ensures easy installation, operation and maintenance.
  • Compact design
  • High reduction ratios available allowing large diameter, slow rotating propellers with high efficiency resulting in higher thrust and lower fuel consumption
  • Up to 3 PTO’s available per gearbox – each with independent hydraulic clutch if required
  • PTI for hybrid systems
  • Customized gear ratios and PTO/PTI design
  • Either mechanical or hydraulic operation of the propeller pitch
  • Approvals according to latest rules from classification societies

CPP System Marine Gearbox Range

The Mekanord gearbox range for marine propulsion systems can be found here…..